Ms Jane’s Antiques is located in the A.F. Rebman building, built in 1906.  At over 2000 square feet, it is a walk through Courtland’s history.  Friends, family and long-time residents of Courtland have contributed everything from furniture and antique jewelry to collectibles and rare hard to find items, too many to list.  We will be building our website to showcase some of the great items we have, so please keep checking back.  Better yet, follow us on Facebook .

Inside our store you will find an eclectic collection gathered from families that have lived in our town for centuries. A writing desk and old steamer trunk beckon for the stories and writings of Hemingway, Twain, Louis L’Amour. An old church pew from one of our historic churches makes a great mud room bench. An upright piano pairs well with our fireside mantles, conjuring up days gone by while family sat around the hearth listening as sister played. Have a warm grog in one of our old Toby mugs. Our collection is always changing. Looking for a particular piece? Let us know. If we don’t have it we probably know where to get it.

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